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A large proportion of the animals that we live with do not make a nuisance of themselves. In fact, many animals such as ants and termites are beneficial when they’re not interfering with a human property. However, some of these animals are pests that negatively affect all our lives and have to be dealt with strictly. This is where a pest control service in Universal City, CA can help immensely.

Finding the Right Pest Control Service Company

Each year, thousands of professionals advertise themselves as pest management experts, ready to tackle any type of pest infestation. However, how do you pick a good pest control service from the many out there? Today, pest control is more than just spraying insecticides and placing traps. You need to look for some factors to decide which pest control service you’d like to go with.


Most of the pest control services advertise their longevity in the business. Nevertheless, being in the business for many years doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll handle your pest infestation problems in an effective manner. However, it does indicate that they have a lot of experience dealing with pests.


Check for references the pest control service company provides. Almost every such company has a few satisfied customers, and if you can get unbiased testimonials of the company, then you can decide on choosing one more easily. Ask your friends and acquaintances to check whether they had any previous experience with the company, and if yes, what they think of the company.


The measure of a company is determined by the quality of its employees. Most pest control services send in an inspector to your home to find the root cause of the pest infestation. A knowledgeable and experienced pest inspector can provide you with valuable feedback and tips on how to deal with the pest problem.

After you’ve decided to choose a professional pest control service in Universal City, CA, it is always wise to get a second opinion. Call two or more companies for free home inspections. Not only will you know what the problem is, but you can also decide which company employs quality personnel.


One of the worst things homeowners see inside their houses are uninvited, four-legged rodents. Usually, these unwanted creatures resemble the likes of mice, squirrels, and raccoons. Not do they leave messes behind, they also carry over 35 diseases between them — diseases that can be spread to humans through contact with their saliva, urine, or feces. There are three things people can do to prevent rodents from moving in and sharing their homes.

Seal Up the Home – One of the best things to do to prevent rodents from moving into the house is to seal up every little hole with caulk, both inside and out. Mice can miraculously squeeze into tiny holes smaller than nickels and come in through gaps and holes. The best places to find entry points is to look behind kitchen appliances, around fireplaces, windows, and doors, as well as under sinks and furnaces. If the house has an attic or crawl space, sealing all the gaps and holes in those areas will be beneficial. Holes can also exist in vents and drains, so it is important to check those areas as well.

Set Up Traps – If rodents have already started to come into the home, it is a good idea to set up traps to help reduce the population. Snap traps are best for catching mice. Larger live traps can be used for squirrels and raccoons. Peanut butter is usually attractive bait material for rodents of all sizes. If possible, stick to snap traps as live traps can scare rodents into urinating, which potentially spreads disease.

Clean Up Surroundings – There are many places around the home that make perfect nesting sources for rodents. To prevent rodents from finding a comfortable place to live within the home, reduce clutter and clean up potential food sources. This includes making sure all dog and cat food is put away. Compost bins and trash cans need to be stored at least 100 feet from the house. If this is not possible, it is important to use metal garbage cans with tight lids or critter-proof bins.

It is best to consider these preventative measures before rodents infest the home. If it is too late and there is an epidemic, it is likely best to call in a professional rodent control service in Burbank, CA to help in the matter. There are many companies available to help end the infestation and return the home to humans and friendly four-legged pets.

insect extermination

Whether you know you have an insect infestation or just assume that you do, hiring a professionalinsect extermination service in North Hollywood, CA may be something to consider. These experts go through a lot of training to know how to do their job and can help you kick your bug problem for good. The benefits of hiring professionals include:


Teams of exterminators will come over to your home with the proper safety equipment necessary to kill the types of insects you’re dealing with. This means suits, gloves, masks and every other piece of equipment that will keep them safe from the fumes that they are spraying. It can be extremely dangerous exterminating insects, and if you don’t do it in the right way you could end up getting harmed. Professionals go through a lot of training to know how to do the job safely.

Most exterminators also have environmentally safe sprays that aren’t harmful to humans or pets, so they are great if you have small children or animals running around. In addition to them being safe, they are also effective, so you won’t have to deal with the return of bugs like you would with most eco-friendly grocery store products.

Expertise and Effectiveness

Most bug killing products on the market today are designed for easy use, but that doesn’t mean that they are effective. In fact, most products don’t work well because they aren’t made with chemicals that are powerful enough to kill all the insects. For example, there are bug bombs on the market that can be used, but they are generally not effective enough to kill larger insect problems (and they can be difficult to use). The sprays that professionals use will target the infestation you are dealing with specifically. Experts will come in and use the insecticides in the appropriate way so that you are bug-free sooner than you would be without their help.

You will feel safe knowing that you won’t have to deal with an insect problem even after the exterminator in North Hollywood, CA leaves your home. Their expertise can make all the difference with the results that you get, especially when compared to grocery store products.