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Bed Bug Sniffing Canines

We A.R.E. the best inspection partnership Accuracy, Reporting, and Education

ACCURACY is our highest priority.  Our technicians deploy our dogs to lead the inspection using their trained skill set and assisting where needed to get our dogs into hard to reach areas.  Only our technicians consistently verify a dog's alert.  Our handler and dog relationship matter most to your successful inspection.  We are California Structural Pest Control Technician Certified.

REPORTING is clear and concise. We present the most effective inspection grid that overviews your property for quick and easy reference to adjacent "at risk" areas surrounding a bed bug problem area.  In addition, all live verifications are separately photo documented and can be individually filed within the resident’s folder to show your measurable and pro-active actions.

Both of these valuable reports are comprehensive and allow your pest control company to maximize your abatement strategy.  Maintaining inspection records as part of your protocol proves that your facility acts proactively to a known risk and is a priceless resource when challenged with litigation.

EDUCATION is the foundation to successfully battling bed bugs. We willingly share our expertise.  Ask us anything.  We significantly reduce the time needed to manage these pests with practical and accurate information.

The best defense is a scheduled monitoring service...let our dogs find the bugs before your clients do.   Detect issues early when it's possible to avoid widespread and costly infestations.

Inspections are performed for: multi-family apartments, senior communities, condominiums, student housing, administrative offices, medical centers, theaters, retail centers, public transportation, and anywhere else people visit.

The best defense is offense.

Our dogs can quickly assess areas of concern so that focused attention to affected areas can be quickly handled.

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