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6 Early Signs of Bed Bugs You Should Never Ignore

Published May 25th, 2021 by Vision Pest Control

In the US, 20% of Americans have either come across bed bugs in their own homes, in a hotel, or know someone who has. Chances are, you're one of these people!

Even if you're not, surely you've heard of the horrors that come with these pests. And there's nothing worse than having bed bugs in your own home.

While there are no foolproof ways of preventing an infestation, knowledge is still power when it comes to bed bugs. If you can spot them while there aren't many around, it'll be much easier to take care of.

Here are 6 early signs of bed bugs that you should never ignore.

1. Small Dark Spots on Your Bed

When there are bed bugs around, they'll have to eliminate waste. They mainly live on your bed, so take a closer look at your mattress, as well as your sheets and pillowcases.

If you see small brown stains that look like little dots, you might have bed bugs. While it might look like blood, that's not what it is. Instead, it's your blood that's been digested and excreted by the pests!

We just said that bed bugs mainly hang around your bed, but the truth is, they can be anywhere. You'll want to examine all your furniture to see if you can spot these stains.

2. Bloodstains on Your Pajamas and/or Sheets

Now, this is different from the excrement you might find above. You might find actual bloodstains on your PJs and/or sheets, especially after you've woken up in the morning.

This might happen because you moved around in your sleep and squashed some bed bugs before they had time to digest your blood. As a result, you might find bloodstains in your bed and on your pajamas. You might also bleed on your PJs if bed bugs have bitten you.

3. Itchy Welts on Your Skin

Speaking of bed bug bites, some people will definitely know it if you've bitten by these critters! While you sleep, they'll take advantage and bite any exposed skin you might have. This means that you can end up with bites on your face, shoulders, arms, back, stomach, hands, legs, etc.

Just like with other bug bites, not everyone has reactions to bed bug bites. While one person might not have any symptoms of bites, their partner might have itchy welts and swelling.

Also, there are some skin conditions that might be mistaken for bed bug bites. So just because you find itchy welts on your skin doesn't necessarily mean you have bed bugs 100%. However, if you see these welts on your skin as well as the other things on this list, then it's highly likely that you have these pests in your home.

4. A Musty Smell

Many people are surprised to learn this, but there's usually a musty smell that accompanies the presence of bed bugs. This is because they produce pheromones, especially when they're gathered in large quantities.

If you start feeling like you're smelling dirty old laundry in particular areas of your house, you might not be imagining it. Say you start noticing a musty smell on your living room chair when you're sitting on it. It can be worth taking a few minutes to closely inspect the chair and the surrounding areas to see if you can detect any bed bugs.

5. Bed Bug Exoskeletons and Eggshells

Once they've been around for long enough, they'll grow out of their exoskeletons and shed. Be on the lookout for yellowish exoskeletons left on or around your mattress and other pieces of furniture that might be infested.

Bed bugs will also start laying eggs to further their infestation. Once their offspring hatch, they'll leave behind eggshells, which are mostly found in the same location as the exoskeletons.

Both of the above won't be very noticeable when your infestation is in its early stages, considering these things are just under 1 millimeter big. So they might be difficult to find at first.

But as time goes on, these exoskeletons and eggshells will accumulate and make it easier to notice. Once you find these things, you need to get bed bug service ASAP to prevent a larger infestation from happening.

6. Bed Bugs Themselves and Their Eggs

This isn't really an early sign anymore; if you can see the bed bugs themselves and their eggs, then this almost certainly means you have an infestation on your hands.

Bed bugs look like little flat dark-red bugs. This makes them a bit easier to spot than their eggs, which are very small and white in color. Try checking along the seams of your mattress, behind the headboard, and the box spring to find clusters of eggs.

If the infestation is particularly serious, you might even see some bed bugs on the walls and ceilings. That means you really need to get professional bed bug removal services before it spreads to other places.

Get Your Home Treated for Bed Bugs at the First Sign of Trouble

Now that you've read this article, you should have a good idea of how to detect bed bugs in your home.

Make sure that if you notice these early signs of bed bugs, you call a pest control company right away. Getting bed bug treatment early on can save you a world of trouble. Once it becomes a bigger infestation, it can be tougher and more expensive to deal with.

So don't hesitate if you think your property has bed bugs. After all, it's better to be safe than to be sorry!

If you'd like to hear more about bed bug heat treatments, get in touch with us today. We'll be more than happy to help you out.

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