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7 Signs You Need to Call Pest Control in North Hollywood

Published August 13th, 2020 by Vision Pest Control

Your home is a safe haven and with the way things are going today, it is the one place where you spent most of your time. It is a priority to make sure your house, the furnishing, and especially your loved ones are kept safe from the damaging effects of pests.

Not only can household pests destroy property, but they can also have an impact on the health of those who live there. Before things get out of hand, you need to know the warning signs.

Here are 7 signs you should call pest control.

1. Unhappy Pets

Our furry babies can't actually tell us when something is wrong, but they can certainly let us know in other ways. A flea problem can start small but expand very quickly.

Excessive scratching and obvious discomfort on your indoor pets could be a sign of fleas. Keep in mind they don't just stay on your pets either. They will quickly infest your carpet and furniture and you!

If standard flea treatment doesn't handle the issue very quickly, you need to call in a professional pest control service to get this under control fast.

2. You Wake Up With Bites

Bed bugs are a highly frustrating problem and sometimes difficult to pinpoint at first. The bite from a bed bug will closely resemble the bite from a mosquito or even a flea. That is what most people suspect when they get such a bite.

The difference can be in the location and timing of the bite. Flea bites are generally located around the feet, ankles, and lower legs as they are usually jumping up from the floor. It is possible they jump from a pet as well, but most are still in the lower body region.

A bed bug bite will typically be on the shoulder and upper arms. This is the area that is usually exposed and available to them when you are sleeping at night. And it is at night where they do most of their feeding, so this type of bite will show up in the morning. You should also know how to treat bed bug bites

There will also be signs on the bedding and mattress of tiny rust-like stains usually around the edges. The best way to handle this type of problem is with a professional bed bug heat treatment.

3. The Presence of Rotten Wood

Insects love to burrow and eat on the wood around your home. This is especially true of termites. You should always pay close attention to the wood both inside and outside of your home.

Termites will inhabit the first batch of wood they find. Your first line of defense is to keep as much space as possible between wood/lumber and the foundation of the home to limit their access inside.

If you see signs of rotten wood, especially if there are also mud tunnels that are built by subterranean termites, then it is a good possibility you have them at least outside and probably soon to be inside.

Likewise, if you notice small sawdust hills around wood molding inside your home, it is most likely an indicator of termites.

You need to call in the pest control experts as soon as possible to protect the valuable asset of your home as their damage can be swift and extensive.

4. Droppings

It is a fact of nature that where there are rodents, there will be droppings.

Mice love to rummage under the cover of darkness and you may never actually see one. That does not mean you don't have them. One of the best signs of a rodent problem is finding their droppings, especially in the kitchen or pantry area.

At first glance it may not look like fecal waste, but if you see small round, or even long, dark brown pellets that is probably what they are. Mice will try to find their way inside when the weather conditions are unfavorable outside and they smell food inside.

A simple mousetrap may work if you think there is only one. However, if you do not want to handle the dead mouse yourself, or want a more humane way to rid yourself of the problem, a pest control professional would be the way to go.

5. Sounds in the Night

Everyone gets a little concerned when they hear bumps in the night. If you are hearing small scattering noises, scratches, or other unfamiliar sounds, you may have an unwanted guest in your attic, basement, or even in between the walls.

It may not be a mice or rat problem, it could that a squirrel has made a home in your home. Here are some ways to help keep them out of your attic in the first place. But even if a squirrel doesn't sound like a big problem, you don't want any type of outdoor pest or rodent taking up residence.

If something does sound right, call in the professionals to check it out. Be careful not to become a homeowner that makes one of these pest control mistakes

6. Chewed Wires - Call Pest Control

You may not notice any droppings, but you may see chewed wire instead. This is also a sign of mice or rats inside the home.

These rodents are attracted to the bright colors of many wires and will set about to munch down on them. Not only is this a sign of mice or rats inside your home, but it can also be an electrical or fire hazard. If you see chewed wires, you should act right away to protect your home.

7. Something Doesn't Smell Right

A musty smell in your home can come from a host of reasons. They do not always mean a pest or insect problem, but if you have ruled out all other sources, it might be worth it to have it checked out.

Each living thing puts off an odor and a distinct smell. If you have unwanted pests in your home, that smell will eventually make it to your nose. You then need to make it to the phone to call your pest control experts.

Don't Wait

Everyone wants their home to be warm and inviting for guests. However, we want them to be of the human and pet kind. 

If you notice any of these 7 signs of unwanted visitors, it is time to call pest control. 

For more information on how we can help with bed bugs, termites, and rodents, please reach out.

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