Room by Room Guide: Where to Bed Bugs Hide

Published October 29th, 2019 by Vision Pest Control

A bed bug infestation can be a nightmare. These tiny sneaky pests can spread all over your home making your entire family miserable. If you have bed bugs, you'll want to know where do bed bugs hide, so you can get these critters out as soon as possible.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs will hide in whichever room they were carried to by a host. These bugs tend to hide in beds and chairs. Signs of these critters include seeing these actual bugs, as well as bloodstains, their eggs, and droppings.

You will want to check at least ten to twenty feet from where you sit and or sleep. These bugs tend to move only a short distance from where they were brought into a room.

You can spot bed bugs with a naked eye. Adults are about the size of an apple seed, while babies are close to the size of a poppy seed. 

These bugs will hide in dark areas and thin crevices like mattress seams or bed frame joints. These hiding places will get populated and then spread to other nearby places like nightstands. 

Bed Bug Behavior 

To know exactly where bedbugs hide, you will also want to know a little bit about their behavior. These creatures love to feast on blood and while they don't have nests, they do live in groups. It's usual for these bugs to surface only when you're sleeping, as this is the time they like to feed. 

After these bugs get their meal, they will scurry off into hiding places until it's time for them to make another food run. You might find that these bugs will come into your home through clothing, luggage, used couches and beds. Since these bugs are flat, they can easily squeeze into small spaces. 

Usually, these bugs hide close to the source of their meal. So you can typically locate these creatures near places you spend a lot of time. As a bed bug invasion grows, they tend to spread farther away from their main feeding area. 

Where Will I Find Bed Bugs If My Home Is Infested?

Bedbugs like to travel and are good hitchhikers. You will typically find these bugs hiding in places like under boxes, footwear, and suitcases. These bugs are nocturnal and elusive creatures. 

These bugs can hide behind baseboards as well as crevices, cracks and folded areas of bedding, as well as beds and nearby furniture. These bugs are commonly found on box springs and mattresses. Bedbugs can also hide in mirrors, electrical switch plates, and wallpaper.

While bedbugs usually don't come out until the nighttime to feed, they are opportunistic bugs so they could come out to feed during the day. This is more common in areas that are heavily infested. 

It takes bedbugs about five to ten minutes to engorge blood. After they feed, they will go to secluded places and hide for five to ten days. During this time these bugs digest, mate and lay eggs. 

During this time bedbugs might scatter in a bedroom, going into any protected location or crevice and can even spread to nearby rooms or apartments.  

Find And Get Rid Of Bedbugs Today

Now that you know the answer to where do bed bugs hide, it's time to get rid of these critters in your home sooner rather than later. The sooner you can locate these pests, the sooner you can exterminate them. If you need pest control in the North Hollywood area, don't wait, contact us today!

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