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Why You Need a Pest Control Service in Pasadena

Published November 30th, 2021 by Vision Pest Control

Did you know that an average American home has hundreds of different bugs living inside? Rodents, termites, bedbugs, and other insects can expose your family to various health hazards. Due to their quick reproduction and ability to hide, you should seek out fast pest control service as soon as you spot pests.

Here are reasons why engaging a reliable Pasadena Pest Control company is essential.


Rodents are a common issue for homeowners. They can chew through walls and wires, resulting in dangerous power outages or, worse yet, house fires. Some other issues brought about by rodents include disease from droppings and contamination from urine.

If you've seen rodents running around your property, you don't want to expose your family to health hazards. Call in an exterminator to help eradicate them.  


Termites will eat away wooden structures nearby, including fences, decks, sheds, and sometimes even homes. They'll damage these structures and require you to demolish the building and replace it.

But how will you know there are termites on your property? Termites can be seen by their mud shelter tubes around your home or business. If not taken care of in time, they can spread fast, interfering with your projects or creating unwanted hills.


Bedbugs are tiny insects that feed on human blood at night, causing irritation to those they attack. Their bites cause redness and itching, which often leave behind scars.

At Vision Pest Control, we recommend calling an exterminator sooner than later if you suspect problems with bedbugs near your home or business.

Remember, once these pests infest a structure, it's challenging to get rid of them.  

Other Pests

Other pests include silverfish, wood-eating centipedes, and other creepy crawlers. All these bugs can be detrimental to your structure, and they can cause a host of other problems, including disease spread from their habitats.

If you see any evidence of them near your home or business, call your trusted pest control company to set up an appointment for a free inspection.

Once the stinging insects are located, our expert staff will combat them head-on with our pest control treatment. It'll get rid of this menace once and for all.

In addition, we offer regular maintenance packages that'll train your family members on how to keep these pests out of your home for good.

Health Hazards

Pests damage not only your property but also your health. Common pests like rodents, termites, and bedbugs spread germs that cause illnesses such as the bubonic plague, tuberculosis, staph infections, strep throat, and salmonella poisoning.

Furthermore, they can leave behind droppings that are likely to contain their share of bacteria harmful to humans. Our expert staff at Vision Pest Control will not only rid you of these diseases but also teach you how to keep pesky bugs away from your property in the future!


Once nesting near or inside a structure, pests cause severe damage to buildings. Rodents chew through wood structures, weakening them and making them more prone to collapse, while termites eat away at siding, making the walls buckle. In addition, both rodents and termites leave behind droppings, which can significantly damage your home's foundation.

If you're looking for a permanent solution to rodents and termites, let us help you. Our service is guaranteed within 24 hours of our visit.


The best way to keep pests away is to hire a professional exterminator with the right equipment for treatment. Store-bought pesticides or "do it yourself" kits often result in ineffective treatments. They may not penetrate through cracks and crevices where these pests like to hide out.

As an experienced pest control company, we use a unique heating method that exterminates pests and their eggs.

They Reproduce Quickly 

Did you know rats produce over 2000 babies in their lifetime? Rodents reproduce fast and can become a menace within a few months of their infestation in your home. Don't allow their population to boom fast because it might become difficult to contain them.

Call pest control services to help you with the problem before it gets worse.

Pests Are a Public Health Risk and Trigger Allergies

Some pests like rodents and cockroaches spread diseases. If you see signs of bugs in your home, it's vital to seek out the assistance of pest control services immediately to avoid any public health risk.

The longer an infestation exists, the higher your chances of getting sick. You'll also predispose other people who may get bitten by pests in your house to illnesses. 

If you're only worried about allergic reactions when pests infest your property, you're yet to experience the worst part of it. Bites from bugs can also quickly become infected if not treated properly, leading to skin infections or abscesses.

Used Furniture and Old Buildings

When buying used furniture or moving into an older building, there's the risk of having them harbor pests like rodents, termites, and bedbugs. That's where our staff at Vision Pest Control comes in.

We can inspect your property and provide you with the best way to combat any infestations before they become a problem. If you're moving into or renovating an older property, call us right away to set up an appointment for pest control services. We'll make sure your home is safe from these types of pests once and for all.

They Damage Crops 

Rodents don't just create a mess in your home by gnawing on your furniture and other things found in it, but they also cause severe damage to crops. They burrow holes into crop fields.

Your yields will drop significantly if rodents aren't removed through extermination services. Why invest more than usual for the same yield because of rodent infestations?

We can stop these pesky pests and help you restore your farm to its productive nature by permanently exterminating the rodents.

Get the Best Pest Control Services Today

Are you a Pasadena resident trying to curb termites, rodents, and bed bugs infestation but don't know where to find the best pest control company? Worry no more. At Vision Pest Control, we offer the best pest extermination services across Pasadena.

Our experts respond to each call immediately and provide a complete extermination process at affordable rates. Besides fumigation, we can also repair structural parts damaged by termites and other insects. Schedule a call with us now to start your pest control journey.

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