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Rodent Control


One of the worst things homeowners see inside their houses are uninvited, four-legged rodents. Usually, these unwanted creatures resemble the likes of mice, squirrels, and raccoons. Not do they leave messes behind, they also carry over 35 diseases between them — diseases that can be spread to humans through contact with their saliva, urine, or feces. There are three things people can do to prevent rodents from moving in and sharing their homes.

Seal Up the Home – One of the best things to do to prevent rodents from moving into the house is to seal up the entry points. Mice can miraculously squeeze into tiny holes smaller than nickels and come in through gaps and holes. The best places to find entry points is to look behind kitchen appliances, around fireplaces, windows, and doors, as well as under sinks and furnaces. If the house has an attic or crawl space, sealing all the gaps and holes in those areas will be beneficial. Holes can also exist in vents and drains, so it is important to check those areas as well.

Vision Pest Control Trapping Program – When rodents have already started to come into the home, it is a good idea to set up traps to help reduce the population. Snap traps are best for catching Rats and mice. Here at Vision Pest Control we use organic baiting that attract the rodent to the snap traps. When ever possible we always strive to find the organic solution to your rodent problem.

Clean Up Surroundings – There are many places around the home that make perfect nesting sources for rodents. To prevent rodents from finding a comfortable place to live within the home, reduce clutter and clean up potential food sources. This includes making sure all dog and cat food is put away. Compost bins and trash cans need to be stored at least 100 feet from the house. If this is not possible, it is important to use metal garbage cans with tight lids or critter-proof bins.

It is best to consider these preventative measures before rodents infest the home. If it is too late and there is an epidemic, it is likely best to call Vision Pest Control. We are the best professional rodent control service in Burbank and Los Angeles, CA and we are always happy to help. Vision Pest Control is available to help end the infestation and return the home to humans and friendly four-legged pets.