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I never write reviews, but thought that Vision Pest Control did an amazing job. When we first found our bed bug infestation, of coursed we panicked. We have 2 your boys at home and I was having nightmares of them being eaten alive!

We received a few quotes that were much more expensive than Vision for heating or bombing the whole house. Yet, Vision's quote was different. The technician came to the house and described a much more methodical approach. Yes, we needed to so more work, but I just felt that they were smarter about the process. Plus the 30 day guarantee gave us peace of mind. We did take them up in it after I saw a few bugs in a stored suitcase. They did another sweep of the house at 30 days. It's been 2 months and we haven't seen any bedbugs.

--2 Years later, no bugs returned.

Its always a pleasure to deal with vision pest control. They're committed to resolving your problem, no matter what is; be it bed bugs or roaches. i would recommend their services 100% percent.

The best Bed Bug extermination And General Pest Control Company in North Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, west Hollywood as far as I'm concerned.

Vision Pest Control did nothing less than save my sanity. We had a roommate that brought bedbugs in, probably from riding the bus. They started biting the crap out of me, and I'm apparently highly allergic to them. The bites itched so intensely a nd so deeply, I wanted to rip my skin off! These bites itch like nothing else I've ever experienced. They heat-treated our house and resprayed his room when he brought them back in AGAIN at a reasonable price. We're very pleased with their service. The Staff is great to talk to, very reassuring, like a therapist, which I needed, as I really felt like I was losing my mind. I highly recommend Them.

Excellent business ethics. Excellent services and family run and oriented facility living the dream through providing ethical, and above adequate services.

Wednesday morning we discovered what was eating us alive...Bedbugs!! Gama was very helpful was at my place at 10:00 Thursday morning, assessed the problem quickly and proceeded to take care of it. He was very reassuring, letting me know the problem w as not as bad as I was thinking, and he was even able to save our beds and furniture! I'd recommend this company to anyone who has a problem like this. He even gave us a discount for paying cash! Thanks so much for your help!

Great company from the Service technicians to the staff in the office.on time, very through and precised at what they do. Can not say enough about their organic treatments. This company knows their stuff. If you want it done right the first time arou nd, these are your guys.

Good service

After discovering a bug issue in my apartment. I shopped around and they had the best plan to eliminate the issue at the best price. Gama was knowledgeable and also reassuring. So far, so good with the results.

We had a bed bug problem and it was driving me crazy. The first tech came out and educated me on everything there was to know with bed bugs, told me how I could do it myself. It honestly felt like his main was to help me not run a business. I realize that I didn't want to go through all the hassle of doing it myself and it wouldn't be a 100% so I called Vision Pest Control back to do the treatment. Honestly the best experience I had with any company, and by far the most affordable option. These guys set a new bar for customer service. Oh and obviously no more Bed Bugs.