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I operate a group home type of business with a very high turnover rate. I've had issues with bed bugs in the past and all efforts to self exterminate were futile. I've tried several professional companies too and the results were always very disappointing. Kinda like throwing my money away. Been using Vision Pest Control for quite awhile and have had nothing less than pleasing results. They stand by their work. They've helped educate me on how bed bugs operate and what I can do to help prevent infestation. They are prompt for all scheduled appointments. If you have extermination issues with your home or business you should seriously consider calling Vision Pest Control. Bill S. @ Proactive Sober Living

Very happy with the service provided. Best price than other companies and on time with the appointment times.

I called them a few days ago, living in LA unfortunately it wasn't my first time having bed bugs (different apartment) so I was really scared and nervous. They answered right away, answered all my questions with a lot of patience, when the guy sh owed up he was really nice, took the time to answer all my questions with a lot of honesty, and didn't just try to make money He explained and gave useful tips on what I can also do myself and how to check if I have them or not, this is by far the best service I got in town, I hope I will never have this problem again but if I do this is will be the place I'll go to! Thank you!!!!

Had a minor bed bug issue for the second time. Knowing how fast they spread/lay eggs we acted fast and tried handling things on our own, but nothing worked. So, I googled bed bug exterminators and found these guys to be very fitting. I called Thursda y, and they came out early Saturday morning to take care of things. Although, we didn't have bed bugs as bad, we chose the heating treatment so we could be sure they were gone for good. We left the house for a few hours and returned to what felt like a bug free environment, we were able to sleep peacefully again. The owner was so professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Its good to know we have someone to go to when in need of an exterminator. Would definitely recommend. P.S. its been a couple of days since they serviced our home, and there's been no signs of any little critters :) Thanks Guys!!!!

I highly recommend this company. I was worried that we might have had bed bugs. Heli came out an thoroughly checked our room and assured us that we didn't. We have four cats and a dog who all have fleas. We plan to have Vision Pest Control treat our house for fleas.

Gamma and his team are true professionals. You will be in good hands and have peace of mind that your pest issues will be resolved. I had terrible bed bugs...

Fantastic service! Very reliable and had everything down regarding our situation! Gama, his brother and their crew are very professional and did a great job...

Wow. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Gama and his brother. These guys are reliable, trustworthy, and everything in between. Thank you for everything!!! I can't recommend them enough.

I wanted to say what a honest great company this was. I was very skeptical about trusting a pest control company but my mind is fully clear . They came in...